Volunteers from Largs Community Resilience Team have carried out a realistic late-night missing person search exercise.

The team was mobilised to search for the person in need, with volunteers coordinating the search through handheld radios.

The missing person was eventually located close to the ferry slip, and team members were then debriefed on their efforts.

A spokesperson said: “Our volunteers conducted a systematic search for a ‘missing person’ on Tuesday March 14.

“The team were mobilised, briefings conducted, management radios issued and a control point established.

“Teams conducted searches around the promenade from the skate park to the RNLI station, and fro the railway station to the town centre.

“Despite the cold weather, teams worked together to ensure that a thorough search of the Gogo Burn riverbank, station and Main Street was conducted.

“Radio contact was maintained between our volunteers and our temporary control point at all times.

“Eventually, the missing person was located close to the CalMac slip and was supported until the emergency services arrived.

“A full debrief was then conducted back at the control point before the team was stood down.”

The team of volunteers works at major events in the town throughout the year, and is used to support emergency services and respond to local incidents.

For more information about the Largs Community Resilience Team find them on Facebook and Twitter.