A latest update on Aurora sightings over the night sky has been given by the Coats Observatory in the past hour - after some lucky photographers got a glimpse last night.

Geraldine Hobbs captured the magnificent show, above, last night.

Coats Observatory, based in Paisley, received a number of reported sightings in the west - and say there is a chance of seeing the phenomenon over the coming days if the clouds clear.

A spokesperson said: "It looks like the aurora forecast is once again pretty decent for the next couple of nights as Earth's magnetic field deals with another blow from a Coronal Mass Ejection.

" It did arrive earlier than anticipated which resulted in an unexpected aurora display late last night. 

"As we approach the equinox aurora activity does increase slightly, something known as the Russell-McPheron Effect, named after the two scientists who first discovered this correlation. 

"Despite the decent aurora stats it does look as though cloud cover is going to spoil the party, at least locally.

"However, if you do have clear skies and a good, open horizon to the north it will be worth taking a look. As always the best advice is keep an eye on the usual aurora forecast apps and hope the clouds blow away."