The duo behind the innovative holiday cabins on Cumbrae are showing their eco side with new green energy infrastructure.

Jack’s Alt-Stays have upgraded their eco cabins with solar energy, as they hit a new milestone on the site.

Each cabin now has eight solar panels on the roof, generating renewable energy for those who stay there.

The 40 solar panels in total will help the business to achieve annual carbon savings of 2.7 tonnes of CO2e.

Adam and Daniel Jack have also invested in two Tesla powerwall storage batteries, which they say is huge for the business.

They explained: “These top of the range Tesla storage batteries will be a game changer for our business.

“Without these, we could only use solar energy generated from our panels in real time but now we can store energy during peak sunlight for use in low-generation, high-usage periods.

“They also come with an app so we can keep track of our carbon savings and energy usage on-site which is pretty cool.

“A huge thanks to the Ayrshire Rural Islands Ambition Fund and the Scottish Government for making this all possible.

“This is another big step towards being a genuinely environmentally sustainable business.”

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