Onlookers on Largs shorefront were stunned in August last year when a superyacht formerly owned by a multi-billionare passed by.

The A2 vessel, built in 1983, is worth millions of pounds, weighing 379 tonnes with a length of 37 metres.

The last known owner of the yacht was billionare George Lindemann, who amassed a net worth of $3 billion through energy transfer equity until his death in 2018.

The boat wowed onlookers up and down the Clyde coast as it went by last year, with the vessel upstaging the larger craft that go by on a daily basis.

The vessel has a large dining area at the rear, as well as crew quearters and guest areas. 

Across three decks it also has a main saloon, several lounge areas and a sun deck.

The boat was captured passing the town by Camera Club member Jack Boyle.