Football columnist George Wall gives his weekly thoughts

It was a great result for Largs on Saturday. I thought it was a win they well deserved.

Not a great game to watch but a great result. After taking the lead I thought there was only going to be one winner.

While not fully controlling the game Largs never looked in any danger and what a finish by Scott Lewis for the third goal.

My MoM though was David Ramsay, two goals and he worked his socks off. 

There are reports that the football pyramid structure in Scotland is changing with the introduction of another league which will sit at Tier 5 below SPFL League 2.

This would be under another league body . So basically Largs and those in their league are being relegated as the WoSFL would move to Tier 7 from Tier 6 .

The new league is reported to be made up of B teams from Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen along with some teams currently in the Lowland and Highland Leagues.

It’s seems the B teams will pay £100K each for this. That will get those clubs invited into that league nodding their heads. Nothing yet on promotion or relegation which to me is key. 

I feel for teams like Irvine Meadow, Auchinleck Talbot, Darvel and others who made the investment in their grounds to achieve the SFA Licence as they are now further away from reaching the SPFL.

The biggest cost no doubt was the floodlights which to me seems to be a waste of money. I would put that money to other areas, the pitch, dressing rooms, clubhouse, toilets, shelter etc. Those things that make it a better experience for players and fans.

Yes it’s great to watch a game under floodlights but are they really necessary in the “juniors” ? I don’t think so. All the license is giving teams is access to the Scottish Cup and indeed there are other routes for that. Drumchapel made it this year. 

When the WOSFL came into being I was told by numerous people it would benefit the “Juniors” and that was the way to go. I don’t see the benefits so far. 

The big mistake I think that was made was the Lowland League not allowing straight promotion into their league from WoSFL. I think that has created a bottle neck and caused the SPFL to ignore the Lowland League requests for straight promotion into the SPFL 2.

Seems to me that the SFA, SPFL or Lowland League have no interest at all in the WOSFL. Why if we have a real pyramid system can we not have one body managing all the leagues?