A YOUNG Largs couple have launched out a desperate appeal to help pay for potentially life-saving surgery for their 'best friend' Buster.

Alan MacDonald and Claire McGibbons are hoping to raise the £6,000 needed for their pet Labradoodle Buster's surgery.

The dog is suffering from hip dysplasia at just over one year old and without urgent help, will develop arthritis in his hips and may have to be put to sleep due to the pain.

Alan said his pet's problem first appeared late last year and an x-ray from vets confirmed the worst.

He explained: “We had Buster for around a year when we started to notice he was getting up a bit slower than normal.

“We took him to the vets and they said he had hip dysplasia, which is actually quite common amongst his breed.

“However when we got the x-ray, the vet said it was one of the worst they had seen.

“Over time he is going to be in some really bad pain, and he might eventually have to be put to sleep it if gets too much.”

The life-saving surgery costs thousands of pounds and the couple have put out an urgent plea for help that they hope the Largs community will answer.

Alan said: “Unfortunately our vets have told us that Buster requires surgery to repair his hips, which will cost £8,000.

“We did take out insurance, however by the time the excess has been taken off the insurance will only cover only £2,000 of the total costs.

“We simply do not have the money to pay the rest, so we decided to set-up a JustGiving page in the hope that there are some kind people out there who can help our boy.

“If I had the money or a way to get it, I wouldn't hesitate, but I just don't."

Alan says the pair can't imagine life without their 'best friend'.

He added: “I’ve been going through some difficult times myself and he has brought a lot of joy to my life.

“He is my best pal and so important to me, so seeing him in this kind of state is really tough and painful for us all.

“He has even brought a lot of positivity to my mum and dad, who help us by taking him walks when we can’t.

“A dog is a part of the family, and we couldn’t face losing Buster so soon so I’m praying we can get this surgery.”

To donate to the family's appeal go to www.gofundme.com/f/7yu7be-better-life-for-buster.