Letter to the Editor

Everyone knows that transport, particularly ferries, harbours, roads and general transport infrastructure is a serious problem facing North Ayrshire and the North Coast ward.

These problems have been crippling the local economy and frustrating local communities for many years. It is therefore doubly disappointing that the new First Minister, Humza Yousaf, has downgraded the position of Transport Minister - who will now be outside the cabinet.

How can the residents of Cumbrae and Arran have any confidence that their very real difficulties will be given the priority they need when the FM thinks transport and ferries is a second order problem?

Coincidentally, I have received a leaflet through the post from SNP MSP Kenny Gibson, in which Mr Gibson claims to have been “campaigning for reliable public transport” and “Supporting island communities”. 

I searched this publication in vain for any mention of the ferries fiasco, which is odd given that there are two busy ferry routes in Mr Gibson's constituency.

What's more, these routes have been the victims of one of the most shocking public procurement scandals in Scottish history, with £350m spent so far on ferries that may never sail, with further delays announced this week and allegations of financial rule-breaking and political interference - all of which Mr Gibson is silent on.

”Supporting island communities” indeed. With an MSP who claims to be campaigning on transport issues without mentioning the monumental problems with ferries and while the new FM can demote ferries to a lower priority, anyone who thinks the SNP cares about island communities isn't thinking straight.

Alex Gallagher, Largs