Members of the West Kilbride branch of the SNP had a surprise introduction to Scotland's new First Minister this week.

Thirteen members of the group travelled to the Scottish Parliament to meet Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson.

Initially viewing Humza Yousaf’s inaugural First Minister’s Questions, the West Kilbride group were cleared from the gallery alongside others after protesters disrupted proceedings.

However, the First Minister made a surprise appearance afterwards and had time to stop for a quick picture outside the chamber following the session.

Mr Gibson explained: “A historic day in the Scottish Parliament, with Humza Yousaf making his debut at FMQs, was disrupted by persistent heckling by protesters in the gallery.

“The Presiding Officer had little choice but to clear the gallery of adult visitors, however when we bumped into Humza in the Garden Lobby, he was only too happy to say hello.

“Hopefully, with that wee bonus, the visit was a positive experience overall for our West Kilbride visitors.”