North Ayrshire and Arran MP Patricia Gibson has questioned the UK Government’s ‘Levelling Up’ agenda following the recent budget allocation to Scotland.

Despite concerns raised by the Scottish Government, the budget allocation from Westminster saw a fall in the capital budget of 3 per cent and an uplift of 0.6 per cent.

The SNP MP raised her concerns in the House of Commons, and said she believes Scotland must have independence to get the money it deserves.

She said: “For a government that has claimed so-called levelling up as a flagship policy, the Tories seem shockingly unconcerned about its real terms cuts to Scotland’s budget and the impact this will have on Scotland.

“The only true way to level up Scotland is for us to have the full fiscal control of an independent nation.

“Will the leader of the house make a statement and explain in what world this could be called levelling up?”

In response, Conservative minister Penny Mordaunt MP, the Leader of the House, said she would be delighted to have a debate on the issue, and slammed the Scottish Government for their own shortfall in funding.

Ms Mordaunt said: “The facts as I understand them are that Scotland has received its largest ever settlement in its history.

“The dividend to the taxpayer in Scotland is £2,000 per head from being part of the union.

“According to Audit Scotland, the fact is that the Scottish Government has had to raid capital budgets to meet shortfalls in its revenue budget and day to day spending.

“So I think a debate on this is a very good idea.”