Letter to the Editor

I note with a sigh that the great Svengali of Stevenston is at it again in your columns. 

It must be such a relief to your readers to be informed that O-Level woodwork (failed) can so comprehensively trump the combined PhDs in engineering, chemistry, nuclear physics and rocket science (that’s  right - rocket science!) that have for many years formed the nucleus of Fairlie Community Council.  

It brought to mind my sadly departed and much missed dear friend, David R. Campbell CBE, who for years was the exemplary proprietor of Guthrie Newspapers. 

In his later years David would read Drew’s weekly epistle, shake his head, and then invariably tell me that, when he was his boss at the Largs and Millport Weekly News, there was never a week would go by without him considering sacking him!

Yours faithfully,

D.H. Telford
11 Highfield Terrace