A Head of State is what we need.

Charles would be a safe pair of hands as President, he might even get my vote. As a society we need to understand that inheritance doesn't equate to competence or ability.

Elizabeth was impressive as a Head of State. Charles may not be quite as good. Who knows? The most important reason for moving on from monarchy is that it supports all the nonsense around class.

In Scotland very many of us understand that we are all Jock Tamson's bairns. We are all basically the same but with a unique set of talents, interests and experience.

There is no significant genetic basis for race and so there is no basis for class at all. The world is too small and we are all too vulnerable to allow people to think they are superior or have an entitlement to behave badly.

The monarchy promotes these assumed difference and so it has to go. My allegience is not to a king but to the first President, whoever that will be. 

I have not seen a justifiable argument against the monarchy promoted in the media and it should be. The end of monarchy is part of a set of intricate, interlocking and holistic plans to save a place on Earth for humanity. 

Guy W. Vander

Via email