Conservative West of Scotland minister Jamie Greene has joked of playing 'First Minister's bingo' during the weekly opportunities to question the leader of the Scottish government. 

In a light hearted remark to his followers, with a picture of First Minister Humza Yousaf, Jamie pointed out that he used to predict particular responses from the then First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In a message to his followers, Jamie said: "We used to play First Minister's bingo when (Nicola) Sturgeon was FM.

"“I’ll take no lectures from (insert name)”.

“Let me be clear” and the inevitable “Brexit, Tories, and Independence” were good fallbacks to any devolved line of questioning.
"Humza gave us the full house in the first five minutes!'

It followed an opening debate on controversial plans to restructure the adult care system as First Minister Humza Yousaf said they will end a "postcode lottery of care".

Mr Yousaf pointed out that the plans have been brought forward due to the "extreme challenges" faced caused by workforce issues in the social care sector.

He said: "And, of course, one of the fundamental reasons for that workforce challenge is the hard Brexit imposed upon us by a UK government.

"So, once again, the Scottish government is having to pick up the pieces. Once again, the Scottish government is having to mitigate the woeful decisions made by a cruel Tory government."