Good game for Largs to finish the season at Barrfields with the 5-1 win against Pollok . Well deserved and it could have been more.

Was it a good season for Largs?

They retained their place in the Premier League which no doubt would have been the target at the start of the season, but I think Arnie would have been wanting more, maybe a good run in a cup or picking up one of the cups on offer.

Onto next season now though and with the core of the team re-signed let’s look forward to Largs picking up a silver next season next season. Regardless they look like a “happy team” and are all working together.

Well The Buffs have gone down, I never saw that coming at the start of the season. I think I had Cambuslang and Petershill to go down but definitely not Kilwinning. 

A real shock for the Kilwinning supporters. Speaking with a few clubs the support and revenue the Buffs bring will certainly be missed.


Last year along with 'The Goalie' Andy Goram I organised an event at Barrfields to raise funds for a defibrillator. The defibrillator is now available but thankfully has never been used.

Another friend of mine, Mark Bellew, who is the physio at Irvine Meadow, is now on a mission after he heard of the sad passing of a 13-year-old in England last year by cardiac arrest during his match.

Mark’s belief is that EVERY referee should be issued a defibrillator to take to all their games at every level. They simply leave it with the home team and a trained person until after the final whistle for safe keeping and use if needed. Personally I think this is a great idea and I fully support Mark. Mark intends to lobby members of the government, the SPFL Trust, the SFA and whoever else he thinks could help in getting this off the ground. Footballing governing bodies and their profits could easily fund this and the could reach out to get them sponsored.

Hopefully Mark gets the support that I feel this idea deserves.


This Friday, Largs Thistle 35s, sponsored by Cullis Amusements, play in the Scottish Cup away to RTFC through In Edinburgh. Due to injury I will not be there; I wish them well .