This month’s Thoughts for the Week have focused on Souper Awesome Storytime, a LargsNaz Wednesday afternoon event where kids and families gather for about an hour to eat soup, enjoy an activity, and listen to a Bible story.

Last week, after enjoying freshly made lentil soup and warm rolls, the kids listened to a story found in the Old Testament, in the book of Jonah, about a guy who tried to run away from God and ended up in the belly of a big fish.

In our story, God asks Jonah to go to a town called Nineveh and tell the people about God. But Jonah had absolutely no interest in doing this. He wasn’t very fond of the Ninevites because they had a bad reputation. So rather than take a boat to Nineveh, he boarded a boat headed the opposite way, and he ran as far away from Nineveh and God as he thought he could.

While on the boat, a fierce storm appeared. The sailors frantically tried to maintain control of the ship as it rocked back and forth in the giant waves. In a desperate attempt to lighten the ship’s load they threw heavy things overboard and as they were flinging things into the sea, Jonah insisted the sailors throw him into the ocean as well.

You see, Jonah believed he was the reason for the storm. At first the sailors refused and tried every other option before they finally gave in and cast Jonah overboard into the raging sea - and immediately the waters calmed.

As Jonah sank to the bottom of the ocean, suddenly he was swallowed whole by a giant fish. So there Jonah sat, in its belly for three days. Jonah realised it was wrong to run from God and he asked for forgiveness. Just then, the giant fish spat Jonah safely onto a sandy beach

Sometimes life can swallow us up and make us feel like we’re sitting in a dark, awful place but it’s good to remember that wherever we are, God is there with us, providing strength and peace. God walks with us when the days are bright and fair and in the dark, stormy times.

If you or someone you know have little ones that might enjoy Souper Awesome Storytime, join us at 5pm on Wednesdays. This week’s story will be an exciting one!