Two of the famous flying elephants from Largs seafront have escaped - but things are not quite what they seem.

Bemused onlookers -  including camera club member Ian Dalgleish - have seen Dumbo and friends packed away and being transported around Largs.

The seaside funfair attraction is owned by Largs man, Quilly Clark, who has assured News readers that "Dumbo and his friends" won't be away from the seafront for long.

The former Fiddlers Nightclub owner told the News that the elephants are being taken away two at a time for a spring clean.

He said: "We are cleaning the elephants and painting them, and making sure that they are as good and presentable as they can be.

"We are taking them away to a local shed to give them a fresh re-paint and clean them up for the new season, and give them a good run down to get rid of any rust..

"We are not closed - we are just taking two off at a time and we will run the ride with eight elpehants rather than the normal ten."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Popular attraction - Flying elephants are away for a spring clean, but only two at a time, so ride still operatesPopular attraction - Flying elephants are away for a spring clean, but only two at a time, so ride still operates

Quilly told the News that since introducing the seaside kids ride, it has been hugely popular with the family - and offers scenic views of the coastline and aerial views of Nardini's and the local town.

He said: "Everyone loves the elephants - kids, mums and dads, grans and grandads all love them - and that is the reason why they deserve a good spring clean so they are fully ready for the summer season."

The funfair attraction took three days to be transported to Scotland by lorry from the Czech Republic, and opened in the summer of 2017.

Quilly says that all the elephants should be fully cleaned and repainted by next week but until then, locals will no doubt spot Dumbo and friends in the wild during their spring clean trips.