It was a case of 'All you Need is Love' during the wedding of Beatles fans who recreated the famous Abbey Road cover on Largs seafront for their big day.

Lovebirds Liz Walker and Maciej, who live in Stevenston, celebrated their big day at the Brisbane House Hotel where they were married - and even had neon 'All you Need is Love' signs at the hotel.

Liz asked photographer David Long if he could rustle up some Beatles magic by setting up the photo like the iconic album cover, which is so famous all over the world.

David, who recently opened a new photography shop in West Kilbride, replied with: "We can work it out" as the bridesmaids and Liz assembled on Greenock Road at the traffic lights to recapture the magic of the 1960s album cover.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Abbey habit! Beatles bride Liz loves iconic cover and wanted it to be recaptured on wedding dayAbbey habit! Beatles bride Liz loves iconic cover and wanted it to be recaptured on wedding day (Image: Beatles)

David said: "Both Liz and Maciej are a very chilled and relaxed couple, and from speaking to them during our initial meetings they wanted to make the whole day very Beatles inspired, and Liz wanted to do the Abbey Road style cover.

"Maciej is Polish and his family were visiting for the big occasion and had not seen Largs and Millport before so it was great to show them about."

Asked whether the iconic photo replicated in Largs could see it become a regular trend among wedding parties, and the public in general, David said: "I would like to think so, yes as everyone loves the Beatles.

"My photo has appeared on the Brisbane House Hotel Facebook page and it has already received a lot of likes and shares, and since then I have been stopped at other weddings and asked about the photo which has already made quite an impact.

"It is perfect as it is right next to Nardini's, which is so well known and a beautiful art-deco building in own right, and has St Columba's Church in the background."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Hello, goodbye! Bridesmaids take part in iconic Beatles style shootHello, goodbye! Bridesmaids take part in iconic Beatles style shoot (Image: Beatles)

David specialises in wedding photography and his own personal favourite Beatles song is 'Eleanor Rigby'.

He added: "Every generation finds the Beatles at some point and I just love switching on Spotify now and again and listening to a few tracks. I never thought you would see Abbey Road recreated in Largs - but it just goes to show you the magic of the Beatles is alive and well."

Largs shares another Beatles connection in that John Lennon's cousin Stan Parkes, who was very close with John when they were growing up and used to holiday together in Scotland, lived in Largs from the 1990s until he sadly passed away in 2016, and regularly spoke about the close connection he had to John over the years to community groups and Beatles fans organsations and literature.

And in recent years, the tribute band Just Beatles have performed to sell out audiences at Barrfields Theatre, while Largs pop duo Gallagher and Lyle have also performed and produced music at the iconic Apple Studios in the 1970s and 80s.

David Long and his partner Kerry Grace have fulfilled a lifelong dream after opening their own wedding shop in the village.

They have joined forces to bring their two business together at the new premises in Ritchie Street.

David runs his own award-winning wedding photography business whilst Kerry owns The Village Invitations Company, which has also picked up a string of award gongs over the years. For more, read here