Largs publicans hope they are raising a glass to a surge in visitors next weekend as the town’s annual flagship music festival takes place.

Largs Live runs from Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25 – with bands and singers performing in bars and pubs across the town.

Hostelries including Room, Sharps, Three Reasons, Ye Old Anchor Inn and The George have all confirmed acts for the big weekend, with many more to follow.

Niven Patterson, who owns the town’s oldest bar Ye Old Anchor Inn, is hoping for a busy weekend after last year’s music extravaganza was hit by train strikes.

He said: “Last year we had fewer visitors to the town than normal because of the strikes, but a lot of locals came out to support us.

“We are hoping everyone enjoyed themselves, and will want to come back out again for another weekend of great music.

“The acts all love Largs Live as there is a great atmosphere and everyone really gets in the summer spirit.

“We’ve got a good line-up of talent across all the pubs and I would encourage people to come along and see what they have to offer.”

Brian Purdie, owner of The Waterside, is also hoping for a boost in numbers despite the festival being more informal in recent years.

He explained: “In the past it was officially organised, with outside performances in Gallowgate Square, but now a date is set and pubs organise their own acts.

“We still get a great boost and it helps complement all our other live music that we have on most days of the week anyway.

“With the trains being on, I’m hoping for a good influx of visitors from the rest of Ayrshire or even beyond.”

The Three Reasons and The George on Gallowgate Street and Main Street respectively will also be showcasing local talent across the weekend.

Owner Stewart Grant is hoping to see some familiar faces throughout the weekend as music lovers flock to the town.

He said: “Normally Largs Live is a weekend where I see the same faces, and some people only come here once every year.

“I think that proves that the festival is a big hit with visitors, and they are keen to come back for more music every time.

“I’m hoping for a good weekend with some more beautiful weather and some ice cold drinks to keep everyone going.”

The full lineup of acts and performances from each venue will be posted on the News website.