Letter writer Jim Paterson is unhappy about jet-skis making a noise - and "not bringing anything to the economy".


Dear sir,

As a resident of Largs who has now endured four nights of continual noise from jet skis at the RNLI slipway until after 10pm each night. How long are we going to have to endure these people coming from outside Largs who do nothing for the local economy or community, but ruin the environment for those who are resident here?

With reference to previous comments of those who say they are merely having fun, this may be true - but these people having fun has a detrimentral effect on the people sitting and walking on the promenade and those living in close proximity to this area.

When are our local councillors going to take into consideration the local constituents' feelings and ban these people from offloading at the RNLI? And if not a total ban, then let's move them to a less populated area, where the constant noise will not have the same impact on others. 

Jim Paterson