BBC1's Escape to the Country featured Ayrshire with visits to Largs and West Kilbride with the views of the Clyde Coast being praised as 'breathtaking'.

Presenter Jonnie Irwin helped a retired couple reconnect with their Scottish roots in the programame.

They have a budget of £500,000 and a view over water is a property priority. Whilst in the region, Jonnie also learns about an ancient technique used to produce salt using sea water and an impressive tower of blackthorn branches.

The Largs Pencil and seaside views looking out to Cumbrae and the Isle of Arran are praised as 'gorgeous' and a 'striking backdrop'.

The West Kilbride Barony Centre also features including how the town reinvented itself as a Craft Town.
Other towns featured include Muirkirk, Lugar as well as rolling shots of the River Clyde and Largs seafront, as well as Burns Cottage in Alloway.

Cast and crew from Escape to the Country were spotted filming near the Pencil in April 2022.

Escape to the Country on the BBC has been running for 20 years, with 22 seasons of people looking to find their dream home in the rural UK.

You can watch the broadcast here: BBC iPlayer - Escape to the Country - Series 23: 13. Ayrshire