Concerns have been raised after a popular area of the town centre has become 'infested with caterpillars' - and pleas have been made for more pest control.

Tron Place is a well-used public spot with benches in the Main Street where people sit and relax - but people have been quickly leaving the area as it has been plagued by the creepy crawlies, with bins covered in the creatures. See video below.

They are believed to be Vapourer caterpillars which are widespread and common throughout the UK, especially in parks and gardens, and can be dispersed by the wind on silk threads.

And two local businessmen, who have been maintaining a cherry tree in the public spot, are calling on North Ayrshire Council to take action - after fears were expressed that the larger tree in the town centre is now dead.

Local discount shop owner Les Ward said: "The bin in Tron Place is covered with them - they appeared to be nesting in the tree which now looks dead.

"I am noticing every day that day trippers are leaving the seated area because they are becoming a pest.

"The main tree in the square is covered in them - and apparently you can be allergic to them if you touch them.

"The problem is that they are crawling all over the bin so people are too afraid to put their rubbish in bin.

"Hopefully a pest controller at the council can help with this - as they are crawling about everywhere and onto people's cars.

"People are driving by and having to keep their windows up.

"It needs to be brought under control."

And Candy Shop and Contintental shop owner Richard Craigmile has also expressed concern.

He said: "The bin is covered in caterpillars.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Caterpillar pictured on Largs disposal binCaterpillar pictured on Largs disposal bin (Image: Newsquest)

"A few years ago Les and myself vowed to dress up the square and put in our own cherry tree - and they just about ate every single leaf on it.

"And now the large tree in the centre of the square is now dead.

"I have made sure that our cherry tree has been sprayed this year with anti insect repellent and so far we are winning the battle but there are still millions of them on the large tree."

Les Ward added: "I hope some action can be taken as you don't want to see it spread."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Insect repellent has staved off caterpillar threat at cherry tree in Tron PlaceInsect repellent has staved off caterpillar threat at cherry tree in Tron Place (Image: Newsquest)

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch has raised the matter with North Ayrshire Council after being alerted to the issue.

He said: "I can see that they are all over the bins, and can see them hanging in webs from the tree.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"I will ask someone from Streetscene to come out and inspect it and whether there is anything to be concerned about. I have had a few complaints from the surrounding businesses.

"It could be a natural phenomenon and just one of these things of nature, and I don't know whether it constitutes a hazard or not, but I will report it to see if anything needs to be done in relation to it.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Tree to be inspected after becoming riddled with caterpillarsTree to be inspected after becoming riddled with caterpillars (Image: Newsquest)

"I have asked for the issue to be checked, and the tree inspector will also be coming out to look at the tree.

"We will see what happens and take it from there."

North Ayrshire Council have been approached for comment.

The News understands that the above pictured tree was removed this afternoon.