More than £3,000 was raised for a charity undertaking vital work in Ukraine thanks to a night of song and dance in Fairlie.

The popular Fencebay Band got more than 100 people on their feet during a special fundraising night for the Scot Baby Box Appeal.

Organiser Gordon McKinstry, who acts as a local collection point for donations to the charity, revealed the successful night all came together in a matter of months.

He explained: “I have been collecting baby boxes for the charity for almost a year now, but I had never planned to do a fundraiser.

“One of the members of the Fencebay Band contacted me and said they wanted to do something for the charity, and it all just stemmed from there.

“The band generously played for free and gave us the venue at Fencebay Farm too, which was very generous of them.

“I thought raising £1,000 would be a good target and at one point we considered abandoning the event as the tickets weren’t selling, but we persevered and it came good.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Gordon has praised local businesses for backing the fundraiser, including Largs shop Jenny’s Wardrobe, which donated over £800 of pre-loved and new baby clothes to the charity.

He said: “I contacted lots of business owners, who were all extremely helpful and willing to give vouchers for the raffle as well as all sorts of items

“Jenny has supported us from the start and lots of items in her shop and perfect for going to Ukraine.

It was a fantastic gesture from her to match fund what we raised through the raffle, so all in all £1,600 of pre-loved and new clothing is on its way to Ukraine.

“Off the back of the event I have had about six baby boxes donated from members of the community, which is amazing.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Gordon revealed the charity is still looking for more baby boxes to send to Ukraine, and is urging people to donate if they can.

He said: “People have really got behind the charity because everyone is so aware of what’s happening in Ukraine.

“However, I have found that they are unsure about how they can help the people there, so this is one way to do that.

“The empty baby boxes from the Scottish Government can be filled with the items that are most needed, just go onto the charity’s website to find out.

“I am ready to collect more if you have any or know of anybody who has baby clothes or boxes as the next truck is going to Ukraine in August.”