Letter writer Roger Hissett bemoans the state of the picnic site and community wood at Outerwards, and asks who is responsible for clearing up the mess.


Dear sir,

Last week I visited the picnic site and community wood at Outerwards and was very disappointed to find that no maintenance work has been done this year. 

None of the paths have been strimmed and in places it was very difficult to even see where the path had been. In addition the gate for the path to the picnic site was missing, one of the tables had been destroyed and the other table was badly damaged.

I am not sure whether maintenance work in previous years was done by N Ayrshire Council or Clyde Muirshiel staff but it will be a shame if this site is just left to go back to nature. Our grandchildren could attest to how enjoyable a spot it used to be on summer afternoons.

It would be interesting to know whose decision it was to cease all maintenance work at the site and why.


Roger Hissett.