Concerns have been raised that a beauty spot on the outskirts of Largs has been left to 'rack and ruin'.

The Outerwards picnic site and nearby walk has not been maintained this year, according to a local reader, while a picnic bench has been destroyed, and another bench, has been damaged.

As well as a missing gate, the path leading to the site is overgrown, making it difficult to see the route.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Concerned readers have contacted the News regarding the state of the idyllic spot - and want to see the matter attended to immediately so walkers can benefit the great outdoors for the remainder of the summer.

The Outerwoods website describes the location as: "A mixed mature woodland located in the heart of the Brisbane Glen by the Outerwards Reservoir, surrounded by open moorland. The perfect spot for a picnic."

However, local readers have found that this is now far from the case this summer, and are calling for action to resolve various problematic issues at the outdoor scenic spot.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Local rambler Roger Hissett said: "Last week I visited the picnic site and community wood at Outerwards and was very disappointed to find that no maintenance work has been done this year. 

"None of the paths have been strimmed and in places it was very difficult to even see where the path had been. 

"In addition, the gate for the path to the picnic site was missing, one of the tables had been destroyed and the other table was badly damaged."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Roger continued: "I am not sure whether maintenance work in previous years was done by North Ayrshire Council or Clyde Muirshiel staff but it will be a shame if this site is just left to go back to nature. Our grandchildren could attest to how enjoyable a spot it used to be on summer afternoons.

"It would be interesting to know whose decision it was to cease all maintenance work at the site and why.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Missing benchMissing bench (Image: Roger Hissett)

"The old path up the hill through the community woodland on the west side of the road has been left overgrown.

"All the paths used to be strimmed in summer. 

"The missing gate is right opposite the parking area at the north end of the reservoir and the broken picnic tables are just along the path from there. 

"The 'lost' paths are on the west side of the road just across the bridge over the Noddsdale Water - with access through the kissing gate.

"It's sad to see the site in this state, given how popular it is with local ramblers and countryside lovers."

The News contacted have Clyde Muirshiel, North Ayrshire Council, and the private land owners, none of whom have claimed responsibility for carrying out the maintenance.
A Clyde Muirshiel spokesperson said: "Outerwards was previously maintained by the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Authority and administered by a joint committee of the three councils, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire. Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Authority managed aspects of the access to the site, but the ground is in private ownership."
A NAC spokesperson said that they are not involved as it is in private ownership.
The private land owners - Brisbane Glen Estates - told the News that they plan to get in touch with Clyde Muirshiel to clarify the situation.
However, they added that the land has always been maintained by Clyde Muirshiel, and they were not made aware of any change in the maintenance arrangements for the site.