Plans have been revealed for  a new development at Hunterston Coal Terminal which will support the national grid.

An initial application has been made for a ‘stability island’ on the site, which will provide grid stability to the electricity transmission network to ensure a balanced supply of renewable electricity.

Highview Power has submitted documents to North Ayrshire Council to determine whether an Environmental Impact Assessment will be needed before a full application is lodged.

The stability island would have a total footprint of 1.54 hectares, and would also include associated equipment, buildings and car parking.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

A report, created by RSK Environment Ltd, outlined the reasons for siting the facility at the disused Hunterston ground.

It said: “The development is proposed at this location due to its proximity to the Hunterston substation.

“This is necessary to ensure economic viability of the grid connection and to reduce transmission losses between the stability island and the substation.

“The proposed site was chosen due to being well screened by existing woodland, being well served by existing vehicular access, having access to port facilities for the delivery of large components and construction materials, and being located on previously developed land away from residential areas.

The proposed development is a form of technology that provides grid stability services to the national high voltage electricity transmission network.

“The provision of stability services allows a more efficient use of the electricity transmission system and therefore reduces wastage by allowing more renewable electricity to be transported.”

The applicant undertook a habitat survey at the site earlier this year, and said that “habitats and species present within the site are of limited biodiversity value”.

It also confirmed that construction work and ongoing running of the site would not interfere with the nearby Southannan Sands SSSI.

Construction traffic would be around 4 HGVs per day, with around 30 cars or vans associated with workers also travelling to and from the site.

Once operational, the site will only be visited around twice per week by maintenance workers.

The applicant believes the proposals should not be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, due to the lack of impact on the environment and surrounding area.

The full planning application can be found on the North Ayrshire Council planning portal.