It looks like there might be a chance of some aurora borealis action tonight in the night time skies.

Coats Observatry in Paisley have put out a message suggesting that there could be glimpses of the sky spectactular overhead this evening.

They say: "Space Weather is reporting the possibility of a sideswipe from a "Cannibal CME" - basically meaning two coronal mass ejections have merged to form one big one which looks like it might give the Earth a glancing blow as it passes.

"Whilst it is still quite early in the season, and not really dark enough for a decent show, there have been a few images over the last week or so showing aurora cutting through the twilight, so might well be worth taking a look.

"As always, the best advice for viewing the aurora is get away from streetlights and find a location with a good, open northern horizon.

"Keep an eye on the usual aurora forecast pages and go and take a look anyway - if you don't look you won’t see anything but you might if you do!

"There should be a chance of spotting some early Perseid meteors as well as the shower heads towards its peak on Saturday night.

"We are heading towards Solar Max, which should peak in 2024, with the Sun becoming much more active, meaning more flares and more chance of the aurora.

"All we need is some clear nights to go along with that and we should have a good season ahead.

" The above photo was taken in November 2021 at Duck Bay on Loch Lomond, so hopefully more nights like that lie ahead in the coming few months."