Incidents of hate crime have “increased markedly” across North Ayrshire according to a shocking police report.

Figures set to be shown to North Ayrshire Council’s police, fire and rescue committee highlight the increase from the same period last year.

From April 1 to June 30 this year, 41 hate crimes were reported across the authority, compared to 29 the previous year.

This is also an increase on the five-year average of 31.8 incidents for the same period.

The police document revealed that 16 members of the public had been subjected to a racial crime in the reporting period.

This included two Syrian, three Pakistani, two Indian, one Chinese and one African person, with the remainder either mixed race, English, Scottish and a French national.

The report reveals that one repeat victim has been identified who has been subject to three racial crimes during the reporting period.

However, no repeat locations have been identified except from the home address associated with the repeat victim.

The police document said each case of hate and racial crime was treated with top priority at the highest level.

It said: “Addressing the increase in racial crime is a priority in North Ayrshire.

“Every report of a hate crime attracts additional scrutiny and governance to identify patterns of behaviour, repeat victims, locations and to ensure the relentless pursuit of offenders.

“Local policing teams and interventions officer visit the victims of such crimes ensuring appropriate advice and support providing them with a single point of contact.

“During the reporting period the repeat victim referenced has been targeted by the same perpetrator, who has been arrested on each occasion.

“During the reporting period no hate crimes have been recorded that feature any Ukrainian or Afghan refugees.”