A West Kilbride personal trainer and bodybuilder is hoping to inspire other women after launching a brand new podcast.

Lesley Kerr has created the ‘Female Unfiltered’ podcast after running a successful Facebook group for women juggling families, careers and hormones.

The mother-of-three revealed she wants others to feel good about themselves, and she hopes to encourage women to change their lifestyle for the better.

She said: “I started my podcast because I wanted to share my personal journey of using diet and training as a positive coping mechanism for life's challenges.

“I believe that everyone deserves to feel good and I wanted to help other females change up their lifestyle to start feeling confident and get the same benefits that I do.

“The podcast was inspired by a Facebook group that I run which is a health, training and lifestyle group for real women juggling families, careers, hormones and trying to just do their best.

“I noticed a lack of honest and relatable podcasts out there that focused specifically on normal everyday people.

“It's lovely to know how the celebrity world manages to look great and stay in shape but for most of us their lifestyles are very far removed from our own.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Lesley told how she was an ultramarathon runner until 2019, when an accident at work ruptured a ligament in her knee.

After two rounds of surgery, she fell in love with female bodybuilding and admits running, lifting weights and getting her diet right helped her get back on track.

Lesley wants to get that across in her podcast, which she believes has been a big success so far.

She said: “The main topics covered by ‘Female Unfiltered’ are hormonal health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. 

“These are all things I have a sound knowledge on and as much as there is lots of advice out there on all these topics, a lot of it is very 'ideal world'. 

“My podcast keeps it honest and real, I use my passion for nutrition and training to help ladies fit it around their lifestyle and commitments.

“So far the feedback has been great and I’m using that feedback to plan future episodes because I really want to tailor the podcast content to what people want to hear about.

“I currently record the podcast as a live interactive broadcast in my Facebook group on a Tuesday and release the recording as a podcast that evening.”

Lesley has big plans for the future of the podcast, including bringing new guests to chat about their experiences.

She added: “My podcast is only five episodes in so it's still very new, and I want to grow my audience to build a community of females that inspire each other and share stories. 

“I want my podcast to educate my audience on how they can incorporate a healthier more active lifestyle into their own routine with enormous upheaval and expense. 

“Currently it’s just been me on the podcast but in future episodes I will be chatting with other females.”

To listen to ‘Female Unfiltered’ go to www.open.spotify.com/episode/36PUarQEGZxutTXgNnIeeM.