A campaigner has raised concerns over a flash flooding problem area in Fairlie with the roads authorities - while a local community council has also raised concerns about overhanging branches blocking pavement routes around the village.

Roads campaigner Archie Burleigh has flagged up an issue on the A78 trunk road through the village which is an important access route for a sizeable number of residents to get to the local railway station.

In a letter to Amey, Archie said: "During a recent evening of heavy rain, the road opposite the Round House in Fairlie was barely passible due to torrential rain flooding the main road because the gullies on the west verge were blocked or had broken carrier pipes.

"Can this matter be sorted as quickly as possible as this is the main walking route between the village and the local railway station?"

The area has frequently flooded over recent months on the section of A78 between The Causeway and Glen Road junctions - with vehicles having to slowly pass through.

Meanwhile, Fairlie Community Council is to write to Amey and North Ayrshire Council after concerns were raised over pathside and roadside verges overgrown with branches, making it difficult for pedestrians.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Areas include the Countess Steps, and a lane leading to the beach, and some areas of the Main Road. The area has a network of narrow pavements so overhanging branches can be very difficult to negotiate for pedestrians without having to move on to the road.

It was pointed out at the meeting that some of the areas were concerned were from plants from private properties.

However, one resident pointed out it was important that for the care and attention of the village was maintained.

Ailsa Henderson said: "There have been regular persistent mentions at Fairlie Community Council meetings of all the overhanging stuff on pavements throughout the village - it is not just contained to one area.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Ailsa HendersonAilsa Henderson (Image: Ailsa Henderson)

"It is important that the matter is addressed."

Fairlie community councillor David Nairn pointed out that it was a "recurring theme" and the village needed to have a twice yearly "root and branch" clear-out of the local pavements to keep them free to access from the branches and bushes blocking the important access routes.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: David NairnDavid Nairn (Image: David Nairn)


In June 2022, Councillor Ian Murdoch managed to get overhanging branches cleared from the traffic lights in Fairlie.

Regarding the persistent flooding problem on the Main Road, a spokesperson for Amey said:  "Initial drainage investigations were carried out on the A78 at Fairlie in May 2023, which included the use of jetting and CCTV. These investigations revealed the presence of an unknown cundy (drain entrance). 
"Further investigations are due to take place to establish direct access to this cundy, as its proximity to the locus of the flooding could indicate that it is a contributing factor. 
"Resident access is also being sought to investigate another chamber for potential blockages."