Plans are being finalised for the rollout of Scotland’s winter vaccination programme which includes protection from flu and Covid-19.

The programme will be delivered by health boards across the country, and will have an increased focus on protecting those at highest risk.

Everyone over 50 and those with certain conditions will be offered a flu vaccination, with appointments starting from September 4.

The expansion of the flu programme will include all school age pupils, children aged two to five, and children aged six months to under two years who are at risk.

Both flu and Covid-19 vaccines will be offered to people most vulnerable to illness and, where possible, administered at the same time.

Invitations to people aged 65-74 years of age with no underlying conditions and those aged 12-64 years in a clinical risk group will be seen first, with appointments starting on September 18.  

Invitations for all other priority groups receiving both flu and Covid-19 vaccines will follow as the programme progresses.

This includes people in care homes and those aged 75 and over who will receive invitations for appointments starting from mid-October.

People should wait for NHS Scotland to contact them with details of their appointment, or prompt to book.

Depending on their selected communication preferences, this will be by email, text, or by post in a white, NHS Scotland branded envelope, which replaces the blue envelopes used previously.