A mother has put out an appeal to find the off-duty nurse who rushed to her two-year-old son's side after he had an accident on the island on Saturday.

Little Jack had a tumble at the trampoline site on the seafront on August 19, and mum Cassie Nairn has thanked the speedy actions of the nurse, and Lady Margaret Hospital, and others for their urgent help at their time of need.

Jack and his family, including mum, dad Taylor, six-year-old brother Harry, and Aunt Carra, were visiting the Isle of Cumbrae for a day out when the accident happened just after 3pm.

Cassie, who comes from Kilmarnock, said: "It was a horrible thing to happen to Jack and thankfully he is on the mend.

"By sheer chance, just after the accident happened, a lady happened to be walking past with her wee girl, and she came up immediately and offered her assistance as an off-duty nurse.

"I don't know what we would have done without her - she was very experienced and was such a great help.

"He was playing on the trampoline at the seafront and fell and bumped his head, and it was bleeding.

"We had run over and got a first aid box from the man who was working there.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Little Jack is on the mend after his ordealLittle Jack is on the mend after his ordeal (Image: Newsquest)

"She cleaned up the wound, compressed it and bandaged round his head before she left. Another member of the public also offered to phone us a taxi to take Jack up to the hospital.

"It was such a relief to know that the Lady Margaret Hospital in Millport is there."

Cassie continued: "As visitors, we didn't even know there was a hospital on the island, and one of my main worries was how to get Jack to Crosshouse Hospital which seemed awfully far away at that point in time.

"The off-duty nurse was great and so calm - she knew everything that needed doing, and because of the situation, I never got an opportunity to thank her, and I would like the opportunity to personally do so."

Jack only turned two in April, and is making a recovery after his ordeal.

Cassie said: "Jack is usually quite shy around other people but when the nurse came to help he just let her do her thing and she was great with him.

"She was an off-duty nurse with dark hair and had an Irish accent; I am not sure if she lives on the island or not but it would be nice if she could get in touch so we can personally thank her and update her on Jack's progress.

"She was a real angel and came to our assistance at our time of need and we are beyond grateful.

"The help we received from the Lady Margaret Hospital was also superb. My sister had gone into the shop and was allowed to skip the queue to get a tarpaulin for Jack. The island really rallied round.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Lady Margaret HospitalLady Margaret Hospital (Image: Newsquest)

"The woman did her bit, and just left, as if nothing had happened. It would be nice to publicly thank her.

"When we took Jack to the hospital, they took him straight through to be looked at. Everyone was so lovely with Jack and reassuring, and we were telling them all about the off duty nurse who had helped us as a family."

Cassie told the News it was sad that the family day out was short-lived because of Jack's ordeal but was heartened by all the help Jack and her family received on the island.

She added: "It would be great if the off-duty nurse could get in touch. She was so amazing - an it was great to see how the people in Millport rallied round to help."

If you can help identify the off duty nurse, contact editorial@largsnews.co.uk.