A popular ITV dating reality show which was filmed in Largs is to be broadcast tonight.

'Dinner Date' will be on at 5pm today (August 23) on ITV2, and features John from Largs who is going to be given five menus, each put together by a potential blind date - but John will only be having dinner with three of them.

He'll choose his dates based on the menus he likes most.

The series is a unique blind dating programme where a single guy or girl is given five menus to choose from and must pick the three which appeal to them most.

The singleton then goes on a date to the three people's homes, where they are cooked a romantic meal, before they ultimately pick the person who had their mouth watering the most for a final date.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Meet John on tonight's showMeet John on tonight's show (Image: ITV2)

The show was filmed in 2019 in Lounge Restaurant in Largs, and is a repeat showing, so those who missed it first time round can catch it tonight, or on catch-up via ITV Player.

Senior producer at Hat Trick Productions, Josh Feather, said: “We find our singletons through social media posts and marketing and then we have a phone with potential candidates.

“We receive so many applications and it takes a while to get it down to people that we think are interesting characters and in it for the right reasons.

“We end up with about 180 cast members for each series in around 21 episodes.

“What’s great about a dating show is that it is open to anyone, any age and gender.

“We try and match people that we really think will get on, based on personalities and geography and lots of different factors.

“Obviously it's not an exact science so we do get it wrong but this isn’t planned, we don’t do it to be mean or just for TV, it is real, which is a great part about the show, because it is just like real dating, you get good dates and bad dates.”