Police in Ayrshire are warning of a rise in scammers impersonating police officers.

Officers have published advice to ensure residents don’t fall foul of people trying to scam them for their money.

A spokesperson said: “If Police Scotland contact you, they will do so in person, by phone or by email. This will be dependent on the circumstances surrounding why we need to contact you.

“If one of our officers contacts you in person, they’ll show you their police warrant card. This is proof of their identity and authority, and you can verify this by dialling 101.”

Police officers speaking on the phone or by email will never ask you for bank details, to transfer funds, remote access your computer, or to register any personal details online.

You can watch a video on impersonation fraud at: https://biteable.com/watch/3449618/c01f1e13a725df1d4882e64fa00460c2.