Largs is to benefit from a tourism spin-off boost as the town hosts TWO spiritual weekends hosted by local medium Jane Dawson - as well as being a stop-off on a mystical pilgrimage tour of Scotland.

Scores of visitors, some of whom are travelling over from the United States, are coming over for a number of the holistic events, which include national tours of ancient sites in order to summon 'spiritual energies'.

And the new move to host the spiritual weekends during October and November in Largs will give a boost to local traders at what is traditionally a quieter time of year.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Willowbank HotelWillowbank Hotel (Image: Willowbank Hotel in Largs)

Jane Dawson, who is an author, teacher and spiritual communicator, told the News that she is delighted to be hosting the events which will be taking place at The Willowbank Hotel in Largs.

Jane said: "I have been contacted by a Glasgow company and have helped organise and will be hosting the event.

"I am greatly looking forward to putting people in touch with their loved ones - and it should be two special weekends in Largs.

"These weekends are always great fun, enlightening and very memorable."

People heading for the weekend event can look forward to joining Jane in a "fun and amazing psychic weekend", hosted by Breaks2go.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Host Jane DawsonHost Jane Dawson (Image: Newquest)

The overall package includes transport, accommodation, and a half day trip to Burns Country

Those attending also have the company of Jane Dawson and her team for two ‘Hello from Heaven’ shows on Friday and Saturday nights, an Angel Circle on Saturday afternoon and there will also be the opportunity to obtain a private reading.

Jane added: "We hope that this proves popular and that we can host many more of these weekends in Largs."

The events at the Willowbank Hotel will be taking place on October 13-15, and November 24-26.

As part of the second weekend, Jane is also going to hosting a spiritual journey around Scotland in November which includes a whistlestop tour to a number of tourism destinations around Scotland including a visit to the Gin Distillery in Millport on November 24, and a trip to Largs and the Vikingar on November 27. Other sites visited include Glasgow, Edinburgh Castle and various museums.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Viking experience is in line for spiritual touristsViking experience is in line for spiritual tourists (Image: Vikingar)

The tour is described as a 'mystical pilgrimage' through Scotland's ancient landscapes 'where the whispers of the past will awaken your soul and ignite your spiritual journey'.

And another spiritual weekend hosted by Jane will be taking place in Dunoon on November 10-13.