A legendary Largs songwriter and singer has told the News how he is indebted to Sir Paul McCartney for his musical career.

Benny Gallagher, one half of well-known 1970s pop duo Gallagher and Lyle, recalls being present in the Apple studios when The Beatles performed their famous 1969 'Get Back' concert on the London rooftop which became iconic.

Benny, who now lives in Worcestershire, worked in the Apple Studios during the '60s and '70s and even got to collaborate with Paul McCartney.

In a posting on his Facebook page last week, Benny said: "Gallagher and Lyle would not have had a career without the foresight of Paul McCartney.

"He saw something in us that we did not see ourselves - the invite to all of the writers at Apple changed our lives with Paul's letter to let us know 'The Sparrow' had been chosen for Mary Hopkin's recording session, and an invite to an actual recordig session, and a chocolate cake as at hank you."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

The Beatles' Get Back documentary, produced by Peter Jackson, was a must watch for Beatles fans and music aficionados - and it brought back great memories for Benny as he worked in the Apple building at the same time.

Speaking to the News, Benny said: "We were doing some work in the building when all of the Beatles were up on the roof performing their Get Back concert.

"It was amazing - it wasn't possible to physically get on the roof as there already was so many people.

"It was astonishing the effect it had - everyone just stopped what they were doing and listened.

"Working in the Apple studios at the time and producing music really was so incredibly joyful and it was bursting with creativity and ideas."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Gallagher and LyleGallagher and Lyle (Image: Newsquest)

In 1966, Gallagher and Lyle – who by now had forged a songwriting partnership – moved to London in search of a publishing deal. Both continued to hold down day jobs, Gallagher as an electrician and Lyle as a shipping clerk, while waiting for their big break, and the pair joined Apple Corps as staff songwriters and wrote several songs for Mary Hopkin.

Gallagher and Lyle first hit the chart as performers in late 1970 as the leading lights of McGuinness Flint, a blues-rock band.

Benny Gallagher, with Graham Lyle, wrote two songs for Mary Hopkin which were produced by Paul McCartney - “Sparrow” and “Fields of St. Etienne“.

McCartney highly admired Gallagher and Lyle's musical chemistry and took an interest in publishing their music, and was thrilled at their success with McGuiness Flint and latterly as 'Gallagher and Lyle' fame.

Benny said: "It was absolutely magical to work with someone like Paul McCartney. When you watch the Get Back documentaries you see just how musically creative he is, you can see how he was so amazing to work with and was constantly coming up with new ideas and inspiration."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Gallagher and Lyle starting outGallagher and Lyle starting out (Image: Newsquest)

Songwriting success continued for Benny and Graham Lyle who wrote and recorded 'A Heart In New York' in 1980 - and a year later Simon and Garfunkel performed it live at their famous concert in Central Park, New York.

Gallagher and Lyle's famous 'Breakaway' hit was also recorded as a cover by Art Garfunkel.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle in LargsBenny Gallagher and Graham Lyle in Largs (Image: Newsquest)

Gallagher and Lyle have always had strong roots back in Largs - and their music was faithfully reproduced in an amazing theatre show Caledonia USA which was performed to sell-out crowds in 2016 over five nights at Barrfields Theatre - with the famous pop singing duo making a surprise appearance in the finale and performing some of the famous songs to the highly appreciative crowd.