Popular local band Filthy White Suit are ready to perform another series of hit songs at this year's Viking Festival.

The Largs based band is performing on the entertainment stage at the Viking Festival this Saturday, before heading to Sharps.

Frontman Allan Penders said: "The SUiTS are delighted to have been asked to perform for the second year at Viking Festival at 4pm and looking forward to playing on the main stage on the 9th before we we head to Sharps to bring another punk rock double bill at 8pm.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"This time we have the Three n Eights from North Ayrshire joining us. The 3n8s are a six piece ska band and an awesome bunch of guys and gals we met and shared the stage with at our very first gig, and more recently, at Audio Glasgow.

"We look forward to having them with us at the party at Sharps."