A YOUNG Largs girl is set to donate her long locks to a charity which provides wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair.

Niamh Smith will become one of the youngest children to have ever given their hair to the Little Princess Trust when her hairdresser gets her scissors out next month.

Niamh, who lives in Glenacre Drive with her mum Maggie and dad Callum, is just five years old and started out in primary one only last month.

But her tender years aren't stopping her pledging at least 12 inches of her hair to the Trust.

The charity provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or to other conditions such as alopecia.

It is also one of the largest funders of childhood cancer research in the UK.

A fund-raising campaign for the Trust has brought in £440 so far - and with more than a month still to go until Niamh's big day, there's plenty of time to swell the coffers even further.

Niamh's mum, Maggie Smith, said: "The cost of making and fitting one wig is £550, so we would love to be able to raise this amount to be able to send along with the hair donation.

"She has only just started primary one. There is no massive reason - she just heard about it, and wants to help others.

"She mentioned it on her first day of primary school and I thought I would let it go for a few days in case she changed her mind.

"When I explained the purpose of the Trust - that you can cut your hair off and give it to another boy or girl - she just simply loved the idea.

"Niamh has a lot of hair and everyone is complementing her on it. She is lucky to have been graced with this, and she is more than up for the challenge."

Asked what length Niamh's hair is now, Maggie said: "It’s around 20 inches. She’s going to cut it just above her shoulders which is just over 12 inches now."

Niamh will have her hair cut in Boutique Hair Spa in October - and she can't wait for the big occasion, with TikTok videos and other social media showing her long locks before they get cut.

Largs business Jenny's Wardrobe is collecting cash donations for the appeal and displaying a poster, spreading the word to help.

Maggie continued: "It is very unusual for girls as young as five to take part in cutting their hair for the Princess Trust. Usually it is 10 plus. But Niamh has been blessed with really good hair for her age, and people even stop her in the street to complement her hair.

"She is so excited about it.

"I wanted to get the first day of school out the way first after she first suggested it, but I am pleased she is wanting to do something good that will benefit others."

Niamh has a busy life outside the classroom too: she is a pupil at the Karen Aitchison School of Ballet, attends Largs Gymnastics Club, and rides horses at Goldenberry Stables in West Kilbride.

Maggie added: "The date for Niamh's hair to be cut is on Friday October 20 - and she has been doing lots on social media to help promote the event and the charity itself.

"And her sister Amiya, 9, who is in P5, is very excited about it all too."

To donate, go to bit.ly/niamhlittleprincesstrust.