Pensioners staying in an amenity housing block in Largs have suffered a TV blackout for the past three weeks - and have turned to the News for help.

Elizabeth Barbour, 70, who lives in Stevenston Court, says there have been repeated issues with the Sky satellite dish which is on top of the building.

Elizabeth says Sky engineers have visited the amenity block but have told residents the matter has to be repaired through the council.

But despite reporting the issue to the local authority, Elizabeth says the problem has yet to be fixed.

However, residents in the complex have contacted North Ayrshire Council - and have yet to see the problem fixed.

Elizabeth said: "A lot of people staying in this amenity block are elderly, or have medical issues, and the television is a lifeline for them on some occasions.

"We have been trying to get the satellite issue fixed and have had Sky engineers to come out and look at it.

"They say there is nothing more that they can do in terms of accessing the satellite, which is on top of the building, and it needs to be the council who deal with this.

"They need to come and get the scaffolding up and go and fix it, but despite a number of residents in the building contacting NAC we haven't got anywhere, and we are still without Sky three weeks later.

"There are a lot of elderly people living in this block, and a lot of them have been coming to my door wondering what is wrong. We have been phoning the council and just getting excuses.

"The Sky TV engineers are now saying if they have to come out again we will be charged for it.

"There are eleven flats in the complex and we have people who have cancer, dementia, heart conditions, and other ailments.

"I have spoken to the council repairs team as well but so far we haven't had any help in resolving the matter.

"There is a hatch in the stairwell in order to access the roof so I don't know why that can't be used."

Stevenson Court was opened in June 2015 as a joint project between North Ayrshire Council's housing services and the area's health and social care partnership, with the project receiving £1.3 million in public funding - including £500,000 from the Scottish Government.

In addition to the 11 amenity flats the complex, built on the site of the former Stevenson Institutes, includes an older people's resource centre.

North Ayrshire Council have been contacted for comment.