Largs and District Historical Society is looking for your help as it attempts to catalogue the historical items in its possession.

Among the many artefacts is a police trucheon which has a local background and history.

Pictures of the truncheon were sent to the Largs Museum which is based in Kirkgate Close, Largs, some years ago.

A museum spokesperson said: "In the not too distant future, the trustees hope to undertake a full and necessary review of the museum's quite substantial collection of artefacts. Many will not have any monetary value, but local interest is beyond monetary value.

"An example picture of an item, which we are not in possession of, but was 'loaned' out some years ago, is a police truncheon.

"With accession lists and historical registers in our grasp, the current trustees can move forward with this soon to be undertaken project.

"We are an approachable bunch, so don't be shy in coming forward and helping us locate museum pieces."

Former Largs Academy teacher Sarah Goldie, who has volunteered at the museum for many years, told the News in 2015 about the police baton.

She said: “I was sent the photo by a former Largs resident, and a former curator of the police musuem at Tuliallan. I am not precisely sure if the truncheon has just been found, or this is a picture which has appeared in a catalogue.

"We have been asked for historic details in relation to it, but no local person has been able to come up with an explanation so far, so we thought we would ask Largs and Millport News readers to see if they could help."

Sarah added: “It is very interesting - we don’t have a specific date, it could be before Largs became a police burgh or afterwards. I don’t know when police batons came into existence, but someone localy might know that, and it could help us in establishing a date.” 

If you can help, contact Largs Musuem or pop in on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays from 1.30pm-4.30pm.