The recent crimewave which has seen a spate of shop and house break-ins, as well as teenage disorder, and vandalism, "requires more bobbies on the beat to counteract the menace".

That is the united view of community councillors and elected North Ayrshire representatives - who are also in agreement that politicians at the Scottish Parliament could hold the key to resolving the issue.

Businesses have been counting the cost of a series of break-ins in the town centre during recent weeks, as well as window smashes.

Last week, a business van was torched in Gateside Street car park, while a number of premises were raided in the town centre, resulting in an arrest.

During a recent community council meeting, the recent spike in crimes during the past month in Largs was raised.

Community councillor Jamie Black described the crime figures as "abysmal" - and called for additional policing on the streets.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Community councillor Jamie Black voiced concerns over lack of policingCommunity councillor Jamie Black voiced concerns over lack of policing (Image: Newsquest)
He said; "On any given night, you are lucky if there are two people here policing.

"I think the politicians need to be invited from Holyrood as when I had a issue, and I couldn't get the police, I was told it was a budgetary issue and I should speak to an MSP."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch said: "Over the last three or four weeks, the crime figures have increased dramatically.

"I organised with a meeting with Ayrshire Police and they are very much aware of the resources issue.

"The numbers of policing are too low, we need  more officers on the ground, and the ones we do have are working hard with the resources they have got, 

"We raised all these issued with them, and talked about CCTV and individual issues."


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Conservative councillor Tom Marshall said: "The police were very open and told us a lot of things at our meeting with them.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: CY Neilly shop window front boarded up in Tron PlaceCY Neilly shop window front boarded up in Tron Place (Image: Newsquest)
"There have been 25 incidents - and they have apprehended four people.

"They are doing a lot of things behind the scenes including plain clothes officers on the streets.

"One of the issues is that people maybe locked up for one night, bailed for the week, and then they might return to court or they might not.

"In terms of shoplifting and vandalism, we don't seem to as a society to be nipping these things in the bud."

Community council secretary Linda Smith pointed out that despite the matter being reported to police two months ago the out of hours 101 service button outside the police station in Largs is still not working.

She said: "It is very frustrating that it is still not working properly and this issue is still outstanding, how difficult can it be to have a button repaired? We raised the matter with police two months ago."

Conservative councillor Todd Ferguson said: "I agree that it has to go above councillor level and it is MSP level, we need to get them down to answer questions. 

"When I sat on the council police and fire and rescue committee, I was told by the Inspector that crime had changed and there was a lot more monitoring of the web, and the police don't have as much physical resources on the street, but it is all traditional crime that is on the up - house break-ins, shoplifting, vandalism.

"It needs to be tackled at Holyrood level."

The community council agreed to write to Sergeant Donald Fisher of Largs Police, and local MSPs, about the policing issues.