A talented Cumbrae resident has come up with a creative concept to highlight the plight of the under threat Screen Machine mobile cinema which visited the island regularly up until this year.

Lisa Christie Smith created the shoebox style model of the Screen Machine lorry - complete with an iPhone as the cinema screen - as one of the eye-catching and interactive designs for shop window displays at last week's September Illuminations festival in Millport.

It was on display at Dalton's electrical shop - and was a major talking point on community forums.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Lisa Christie SmithLisa Christie Smith (Image: Newsquest)

Lisa, who is a former community councillor on the island, explained: "I’ve always enjoyed creating displays for September Weekend and was delighted when I was asked to help with Dalton’s display this year.

"I was trying to think of something topical or current that I could do and raising awareness of the Screen Machine’s uncertain future and trying to gain more support seemed like the perfect option.

"This month is 25th anniversary of the mobile cinema but sadly the future isn’t guaranteed."

Watch a video clip of Lisa's working model below:

Lisa continued: "The Screen Machine is a well loved asset of our community from young to elderly, providing something for all tastes.

"Unfortunately it’s not been able to visit Millport - nor Eigg, Gigha, Jura, Rassay, Rousay or Shapinsay - for most of this year due the different design of the Cinemobile that is on lease until April next year.

"A new machine is needed and will cost about £1.4 million pounds to build.

"The company is urgently seeking for half of this to be provided by the Scottish Government and the rest to be fundraised.

"When visiting Millport, the Screen Machine offers private viewings to the service users where I work at Millport Care Centre.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"This gives a relaxed but exciting experience for them which is right on their doorstep, but now they are really missing it. I would love for it to come back and everyone to enjoy it’s benefits again.

"Due to our island location it’s not possible to visit a cinema in the evening without it including an overnight stay on the mainland."

Describing the creation of the model, Lisa said: "It took quite a few hours to do but that included glueing, painting and waiting for those bits to dry before it could all come together.

"The window display went well. We got commended and lots of positive responses on social media and outside.

"I put a poster in the window with QR code to the Screen Machine website page on who/how to write to MSPs."

The Screen Machine website states: "This month, the Screen Machine service will mark its 25th anniversary. Whilst this is a cause for celebration, there is reason for concern.

"After 17 years of near continual service, we retired the cinema that many of you will know and love as it is no longer fit to manage a full tour. Its unreliability led to a sharp increase of cancelled screenings and poor service to many of our communities.

"At short notice, Screen Scotland stepped in with the funds to allow us to lease the cinema we are currently using - Cinemobile. But this lease lasts only until April 2024.

"Beyond that, without intervention, the Screen Machine service will be wound down.

"We urgently require significant investment to enable us to commission the construction of a brand new greener Screen Machine.

"A new Screen Machine will cost approx £1.4 million and need between one year and 18 months to build. We need the Scottish Government to provide 50 per cent of the cost.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Screen Machine model was shop display highlight at DaltonsScreen Machine model was shop display highlight at Daltons (Image: Jim Neill)

"That will enable us to pay a deposit and begin the construction process. We will then embark on a massive fundraising effort to bring in the balance."

The Scottish government said there was significant pressure on the funding of cultural organisations, but that it was working closely with the sector.

A spokesman said: "The Scottish Government values the importance of our cultural organisations and their contribution to the wellbeing of the country to promote the arts, provide employment and engage with communities across Scotland."

For more details about the campaign to save The Screen Machine, go here: www.screenmachine.co.uk/ways-to-help/