Australian grandson Josh is six foot tall at 15, with a big, healthy appetite and a wish list for his one month stay with us in Largs.

One box to be ticked was to take him to a live Celtic football match at Parkhead, known to him and many others as 'Paradise'.

Now, not having been to a Premiership game in 20 years, I managed, with the great assistance of a 'Sellic' mad brother-in-law, to obtain tickets for the recent match against Kilmarnock.

It was the day of constant rain, floods and train cancellations - but by hook, crook, drookit and various diversions, we met the man with the tickets and I surreptitiously handed over the spondulicks to gain us entry into the cavernous stadium.

As a football spectacle it was grand, but I don't think I'll ever go back.

I don't want to sit amidst Palestine flags at a sporting event in Scotland. There's a youngish section among the Celtic support who term themselves The Green Brigade. They obviously enjoy themselves judging by the way they sing and bounce on the terracing for 90 minutes and more.

Yet they sing pro-IRA songs and shout anti-Israel chants. They are young bigots and brainless wonders with whom I wouldn't wish to associate.

I would imagine that Celtic's current young Israeli internationalist Liel Abada had to sit and endure the abuse of his "supporters". He has been given counselling by Celtic Football Club which has rightly condemned the pro-Palestine support.

The song they should have included was surely 'Send In The Clowns'.

I'm surprised the 'Brigade' weren't also flying Russian flags since, in reality, they back Iran who also supply ammunition to the rogue state to continuously bombard and kill innocent civilians in Ukraine.

The Brigade mob have called on supporters to bring Palestine flags to the next game.  Considering my grandson had to 'smuggle' a small video camera into the ground, one wonders why security cannot detect huge flags and banners.

As the club's former Israeli star player, Nir Bitton, said: "Shame on you! Support a terror organisation who's proudly celebrating the slaughtering of families is absolutely crazy! Embarrassing. Most of you don't even know where Israel is.

"You have zero clue about this conflict and still act like you know everything."

He's absolutely right.  These young bampot Celtic fanatics, who also glorify IRA atrocities are ignorant of the fact that the Hamas terrorists are beholden to Iran, a theocratic Shia Muslim state which is a steadfast backer of the Hitlerite Putin.

No, I'll stick to being a season ticket holder for Barrfields Park to follow Largs Thistle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thought for the week: Sometimes you just have to bow your head, say a prayer and weather the storm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just when I thought that momentum had stalled over the approved subsea cable manufacturing factory at Hunterston I noted the latest two reports in this newspaper this month.

First, the XLCC company, who plan to create 900 permanent jobs and many hundreds more in services and sub-contracts, held a public consultation in West Kilbride last week to explain its operation.

They reported having the first order for four 3,800 kilometre long cables to connect solar and wind renewable power from the Sahara and Morocco to the UK.  They also announced three new senior posts, one of which is the cable joint supervisor.

Why I mention this is the other news that the first 12 apprentice cable-jointers for Hunterston have been recruited in a new project with North Ayrshire College.

The twin cable production factories should be the biggest and most exciting local industrial development since IBM and, timely, as the nuclear station winds down.

Planning permission has been granted and no doubt some Fairlieites will continue to protest but, be sure, no Scottish government, of any political hue, will block this green energy project which will provide employment for the generations which come after us.