A Largs truck driver says he was "overwhelmed" by the lorry-load of support shown to him at his son's funeral.

Seventy vehicles took part in a convoy in tribute to Andy McLeish's son Lewis, who died recently aged just 26.

Andy organised the emotional tribute to his 'truck-daft' son by leading the 'biggest convoy ever' across Glasgow on the day of Lewis's funeral. 

Drivers from as far as Blackpool and Lincoln, as well as all over Scotland, brought their lorries along for the unique and moving occasion.

Andy became an online star with his TikTok videos documenting his lorry driving adventures - told the News he was "heartbroken" at the loss of his son.

Lewis had followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a lorry driver. He shared the same passion for motor vehicles having been steeped in the industry since his youth.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
The truck convoy left Parkhead in Glasgow's east end at 10am to head for Lewis's funeral at Clydebank Crematorium.

Andy, known in online forums as 'Wingnut', won a community award from the News two years ago in recognition of his contribution as a key worker during the pandemic. 

He is also well known for his big personality and social media following - and got an incredible reaction from peers in the industry to his emotional appeal.

Andy said: "It was an awesome response - I was left speechless.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"The turnout was amazing and overwhelming.

"I would have been happy with one or two lorries but to have 70 lorries and all these people from all over the country coming to show their respects was something that was special and very magical.

"It was with such sadness, and Lewis would have loved to have seen it.

"There were lorries from as far as Blackpool, Preston, and Lincoln, and all over the country, and a few Irish people came over too.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"I wish my son could have seen it - he would have been buzzing, and I can hold my head up high as it was probably one of the biggest convoys ever seen.

"The police also did a phenomenal job in providing support on the big day.

"At 9am when I arrived there were six lorries and they kept turning up after that until we reached 70 by 9.50am.

"It's crazy. I am a person who doesn't go looking for things, and to be recognised in this way and for so many to have reached out is absolutely phenomenal.

"It was a phenomenal effort from the lorry industry and I would like to thank everyone who turned up on the day and contributed to making it so special.

"The country is kept moving by the lorry industry - some of them have to work between 2-6 weeks away from home to put food on their own tables - and they also help put food on your table too, as everything you possess at home has more than likely been on a lorry.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"I do TikTok videos every night and make everyone laugh - and one of my colleagues said that I had lifted so many people and now it is time to let them lift me.

"They have reached out at my time of need and I am so grateful to each and everyone of them who have helped me."