A COUNCILLOR has renewed appeals to cut the speeding limit on Cumbrae after his family cat was killed.

We previously reported that concerns had been raised about the speed of some vehicles on Ferry Road, which runs across the hills between Millport and the CalMac ferry slipway.

Island-based North Coast ward councillor Todd Ferguson has renewed his campaign after his family cat Archie was tragically killed last weekend after being hit by a speeding driver.

He told the News: "It is absolutely heart-wrenching for the family. He was such a happy wee chap and we only had him six months.

"He had only just become a little bit more confident exploring his environment and sadly was knocked down and killed outside the front of the house.

"Losing Archie for us was like losing a member of the family.

"To lots of people, it is just a cat, but my main argument is that where Archie was hit, there is no footpath or lighting.

"Losing a pet there is tragic, but to lose a person would be diabolical.

"The vast majority of people on the island know how tight the roads are in certain sections. People see the ferry and they floor it.

"They are easily doing 60 or 70mph and there are people living nearby with children. 

"You don't need to travel that fast on the island. It is the only 60mph road anywhere in Scotland where you can get people walking their dogs, people pushing prams, joggers and cyclists.

"If people want to walk into town they have to walk on the grass verge because there are no pavements."

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Mr Ferguson posted a poll on Facebook seeking the views of the local residents on the island on reducing the speed limit.

The poll has since attracted more than 600 votes, and 126 comments in support.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Councillor Todd Ferguson has renewed his appeal Councillor Todd Ferguson has renewed his appeal (Image: Newsquest)

He added: "I put out the Facebook poll because it is not solely up to me. It is up to what the community wants.

"I was honestly so shocked to see the response - over 80 per cent of people are agreeing that the speed limit needs to be changed.

"It is something that I think needs to be actioned before it is too late. The hope is to reduce the speed limit to reduce the risk of people getting hurt.

"The chances of someone being killed at 30mph are massively reduced compared to someone driving at 60mph.

"I will raise this at the next Cumbrae Community Council meeting as this is something that needs to be discussed and begin having discussions with people.

"There are far more people coming over to the island to enjoy this beautiful part of the country so something needs to be done."

In response to the Facebook poll, one user, Cumbrae Benches, said: "30 would be good. However a footpath or permitted right of way along the ferry road between the inner circle and the coast road would be nicer.

"Walking along that stretch you take your life in your hands. A path on the other side of the hedge would be great."

Meanwhile others agree that some changes are needed, but the national speed limit is best kept on certain roads.

Megan Weipers said: "Ferry road should be 30 and coast should be kept to 60 - two very different roads, so two different speed limits make more sense."

And Andrew Joyce said: "I voted sixty as it is the national speed limit for B roads. If people are speeding then they are going over that.

"But there should be speed controls for built-up areas likes of Fairhaven as in 30mph area between there and the ferry and round at Fintry. 

"I think 40 is plenty over Ferry Road."