A hairdresser from Largs who has a rare skin condition reached the final stages of the Miss Great Britain competition on Friday night.

Aimee McKay, 27, finished in an impressive seventh spot of 40 ladies selected from all around the UK - after a groundbreaking entry which impressed judges and fellow entrants alike.

We told of Aimee's incredible story in May this year.

She suffers from the skin condition vitiligo, caused by the lack of a pigment called melanin in the skin.

Melanin is produced by skin cells called melanocytes, and it gives skin its colour.

She lives in Fairlie with husband Ewan, and told the News that 'winning the competition would mean everything'.

Aimee, who lives in Fairlie with her husband Euan, said she was far from disheartened not to have won the major title, and has received plenty of encouragement and could return to compete again next year.

And Aimee had a fantastic support from her colleagues at Salon 17 in Largs - who made a 675-mile round trip to support her on the big night.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

A salon spokesperson said: " We are so proud of how far you have come and what you have achieved already as Miss GB Glasgow!"

Aimee said: "I can walk away with my head held high that I couldn't have done any more than what I did. I received so many positive comments including one from the head judge who told me that I 'lit up the stage'."

"It was a very high level, and the girl who had won the title of Miss Great Britain had won the title at her fifth time of entering the contest.

"I have yet to decide whether I will enter again next year or not but I have been on a terrific journey."

Aimee was undaunted when she appeared on stage, answering questions confidently in front of an audience of 600 people at the glitzy ceremony.

"If you asked me a year ago if I could have stood up on that stage, I would never have believed you," Aimee said.

"But I feel like so many doors have opened for me over the past few months since becoming Miss Glasgow and it is really the start of something special, so I want to weigh up my options before deciding what to do next."

Last Thursday was a full day rehearsal ahead of the glitzy ceremony, and Aimee went on to reach the top 15 in the 'beach body' contest, before embarking on a two minute interview about where she envisaged herself in five years.

Aimee has used social media to promote her 'Perfectly Imperfect' campaign to inspire others.

And Aimee's campaign has been boosted throughout the summer with a range of video interviews, podcasts, and national news coverage.

She told the judges how she wanted to continue with her positive campaign after it made such a big impact this year, and that she wanted to spread the message to any young girl to follow in Aimee's footsteps and believe in yourself.

Not even a cold and sore throat on the night could put her off in her moment in the spotlight.

"I was so humbled by all the support I received," said Aimee, "and feel so privileged to have been selected and represent Miss Glasgow in the Miss Great Britain awards.

"I think sometimes it is the journey and not the final destination which is important, and it has been a fantastic year - from appearing alongside Peter Andre on stage, to appearing in all the fashion shows, and promoting my campaign.

"For me, it is not the end of the journey, it is only the beginning."

Aimee can also be heard on a podcast with Gary GlasGo talking all things Miss Great Britain.

The Fairlie resident has even featured at the Harrogate Bridal Week event, modelling for Evita Beverley Hills.