Millport community fire station was under the spotlight earlier this week.

A station audit was conducted at the station by Scottish Fire and Rescue and the local members received praise for their emergency response techniques.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Ayrshire branch were in attendance at the station in Hastie Avenue to conduct the review.

A spokesperson said: "SC Timmons and SC Shearer conducting a station audit at Millport Community Fire Station, excellent to see the UHPL [ultra high pressure lance] in use and the correct techniques demonstrated."

A firefighting lance allows firefighters to pierce all known structural materials and apply water to an internal fire, enabling firefighters to control a fire situation prior to making an entry into a building.

The UHPL fire extinguishing technique combines abrasive water jet cutting with water spray extinguishing. 

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

The high-water jet pressure allows for the cutting abrasive to rapidly penetrate all known construction materials, offering a safe attack on interior fire and on fire gases (smoke) from an outside position.​

Audit testing procedures can involve tests of the following:  fire detection and warning system, emergency lighting, sprinkler system, ventilation system, firefighting equipment, electrical wiring in the building and portable appliance testing.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue website further explains the purpose of a station audit, and states: "Premises may be subject to a audit by an fire safety enforcement or auditing officer.

"This will usually be prearranged and officers will be carrying SFRS identification.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"A fire safety audit is the examination of a premises and any fire safety documents.

"This is to ensure that the premises are managed well with regards to fire safety and in line with the legislative responsibilities of the duty holder.

"Officers may also speak to staff members to confirm their level of fire safety awareness and knowledge of procedures.

"The emphasis is for all duty holders to show they have met their duties required by the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005."