A LOVING couple whose dream was to move to Largs has celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Peter and Nancy Barclay met each other whilst attending a memorial service representing the Boys Brigade and Girls Guides in 1959.

The evening ended with the teenagers together at a dance afterwards.

The pair married on November 6, 1963 at Chryston Parish Church, and moved to Johnstone, but their only dream was to settle in Largs.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Nancy and Peter married on November 6, 1963Nancy and Peter married on November 6, 1963 (Image: Newsquest)

Peter started his career with his father as one of Glasgow's 617 lamplighters before moving on to become a computer manager at Schlumberger in Port Glasgow. Nancy trained at college to be a comptometer operator.

After having their two children - Joyce in 1967 and Neil in 1969 - she returned to work as a school cook in Largs.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Their only dream was to move to LargsTheir only dream was to move to Largs (Image: Newsquest)

Their daughter Joyce told the News: “My dad had to pursue her at first because my mum came from the countryside and her parents were insistent that she was not going out with a boy from Glasgow.

“After getting married they lived in a few places, but they always wanted to live in Largs. In 1979, they completed their goal and moved here.

“Before we were born my grandfather had a holiday hut on a farm in West Kilbride and his family used to go from Glasgow to there during the war when my dad was very young. And at every opportunity they used to go to West Kilbride to get out of the smoke.

“Then when we came along my parents took us a family. Our mum would always tell us stories about the strikes and when there was no coal. In their time they would walk along the rail lines picking coal to burn in the fire at the hut. We all loved it there."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: The happy couple enjoy their holidays and day tripsThe happy couple enjoy their holidays and day trips (Image: Newsquest)

Joyce reflected on her childhood years with her parents and how there was always a story to tell especially from their family holidays.

The 56-year-old added: "The family holidays were always fun for us. We always enjoyed going to the English seaside towns where we would get our pennies for the slot machines, and then finish the evening with some freshly-made doughnuts.

"Silly things would always happen. For instance, at the end of one holiday my dad locked the keys in the car and a different time when my mum's elastic in her skirt's waistband broke.

"My dad never took to the DIY and one year we had wonky floorboards because of newly-installed central heating. He thought a nail in the floor would fix it, but the lady who lived below told them that she had water coming in. He stood for hours with his finger over the hole waiting for a plumber.

"They were truly the most supportive parents we could ask for. They would do absolutely anything for anybody. My dad was Mr Google for us if we needed help or answers and my mum was a tremendous baker from her delicious apple pies to her renowned trifle."

Largs and Millport Weekly News: The couple will celebrate their anniversary surrounded by family and friendsThe couple will celebrate their anniversary surrounded by family and friends (Image: Newsquest)

And in their retirement, not only do the happy couple enjoy their day trips exploring the country but are also very involved in the local community.

Nancy, 80, enjoys spending her time at the Woman's Guild, The Trefoil and various craft groups and Peter, 83, was the president and played an active part of the Largs Thistle Curling Club for a number of years.

The couple will be celebrating their special day on November 11 with a lovely dinner at The Woodhouse Hotel in the town with family and friends.

Joyce added: "We want to wish our mum and dad a happy diamond anniversary. We hope you had a great day. We are so incredibly grateful for everything you have done for us. It will be a special occasion for two special parents."