Hopes of attracting more watersports facilities to Fairlie Bay could become a reality.

Councillor Alan Hill, who is a local resident, said the village beach and surrounding area provides good opportunities for more watersports.

Kayakers and paddleboarders have been a common sight during recent summers - and Cllr Hill hopes to provide additional support through having improved access and opportunity.

He said: "I have had a couple of meetings looking at developing watersports activities in the village.

"We are looking at developing a site near where the picnic area is, and ultimately restore the slipway at the former pier. We are also looking at potential facilities to store boats and kayaks.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"Ideally we could look towards getting some potential funding - the old pier slipway is not particularly useable as it stands so it would be good to something done with it which is purposeful - and it means that we could bring more watersports activities to the village for local residents to enjoy throughout the year."

Fairlie marine biologist David Nairn, who told the News in recent years that he would like to see the pier restored to its former glory, is also in support of the project.

Meanwhile, Cllr Hill hopes that land ownership issues can be overcome for finalising the Fairlie shore path which has only partially been completed, despite being agreed upon by local councillors ten years ago.

The section between Bay Street and Ferry Row was completed two years ago and has proved to be a popular addition but comes to an abrupt halt at the steps to Ferry Row, with the hope that it can be continued southwards.

Cllr Hill said: "The funding is all in place and the works were supposed to be beginning before Christmas.

"I am really keen to see the shorefront path completed as it will be a really great addition to the village."

For the second year running there was no fireworks display this year, an event traditionally run by the Fairlie Gala committee.

Cllr Hill told the News that with the growth in the village population over recent years due to new housing, new volunteers are required to help.

He added: "It would be good to get more people in the village involved, I have had some talks with the Fairlie Primary Parent council and it would be good to get the fireworks back for next year but we need new people to help and get involved."