A SPECIAL service to show solidarity with those suffering as a result of the conflicts in Israel and Palestine, as well as in Ukraine and around the world, is to take place at a church in Largs.

St Mary's Star of the Sea Church will host the event on Sunday, November 26.

The organisers say there will be no politics, but only the desire to show solidarity with those suffering and to implore peace from on high.

Monsignor Peter Magee said: "We are all horrified at the situation which has come about in Israel and Gaza, as in Ukraine and Russia, not forgetting the far too many other wars and violent clashes around the world.

"I don't think there's anyone locally who is not painfully affected by what we see and hear every day in the news, especially in relation to the Holy Land.

"I am sure that reactions go from deep compassion to outrage, and I am certain that many are frustrated because they feel helpless to do anything.

"It seemed right, therefore, to invite people to come together, of all faiths and none, to find support and to show solidarity, if not to pray earnestly for peace and a lasting justice for all those cruelly hurt by the war.

"So, I have organised a Service of Light, Prayer and Song for Sunday 26th November at 6pm at St. Mary's, Largs, to which anyone in the area is warmly invited. "