A trip back to Victorian times provided an entertaining insight to members of the Largs and District Stamp Club who were treated to an excellent evening of entertainment.

George Henshilwood presented a display entitled Victoriana with a Penny Black with control letters G and H which he was sure must have been a present, and followed this with a selection of Mulready covers and caricatures thereof.

The first round was completed with part of a fascinating selection of hand-drawn illustrated covers.

The second round started with the Victoria Jubilee issue, mint and used in various ways, plus the numerous overprints for government departments and for use overseas in such places as Bechuanaland and Niger Coast.

This was followed by items from the 1890 celebration of the Jubilee of the Uniform Penny Post  and the display finished with more illustrated covers including some from the prolific King-Harman family.

The vote of thanks by Andy Shand was heartly endorsed by the members.   

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