A charity is encouraging people to show their love this Christmas…by buying a loo.

The message comes from international aid charity SCIAF, who are urging the public to help people in some of the world's poorest countries by buying a 'real gift' this festive season.

The charity - the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund - has even enlisted Santa in a bid to ensure its initiative is flushed with success.

He said: “We take it for granted, don’t we? Going to a clean, flushing toilet, but more than three billion people around the world don’t have that luxury.  

“When shopping this Christmas, forget the bog-standard eau de toilette and buy a real toilet!

"Please show you care and help SCIAF – the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund - buy loads of lovely loos for people in the world’s poorest places.

"Not having a place to go to the toilet isn’t just undignified, it’s unsafe, and unhygienic too, and can lead to a whole variety of deadly diseases."  

SCIAF has a whole range of real gifts - from seeds to stoves and even chickens and goats.

Every gift purchased goes to support its work around the world and allows them to use it where it’s needed most.  

This year it’s more than doubled its ethical offering from 17 gifts to 37, with cows, wheelchairs and sewing machines making an appearance for the first time, as well as toilets. 

Santa added: “Ho, ho, ho, please help people when they need to go. Spend your pennies on a Real Gift this Christmas.” 

To find out more, please visit sciaf.org.uk/realgifts